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  Our family always comes to Stoughton Garden Center for the great products and the high level of service by a very knowledgeable staff.  
  ~Lynn M. - Stoughton WI  

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Herbicides & Pest Control
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Herbicides kill weeds through either contact or systemic action. Contact herbicides are most effective against annual weeds and kill only the plant parts on which the chemical is desposited. Systemic herbicides are absorbed either by roots or foliar parts of a plant and are then translocated within the plant system to tissues that may be remote from the point of application. Although systemic herbicides may be effective against both annual and perennial weeds, they are particularly advantageous against established perennial weeds.

Stoughton Garden Center has complete line of herbicides for most situations. Let our experts help you with removing your weeds today.
Weed Beater Ultra


Ferti-lome Fertilizer


Questions and Answers

Q. It rained 24 hours after applying a weed killer to my lawn. Should I     spray again?
A.  No you should not reapply the herbicide.  Most herbicides will have absorbed into the lawn by then.  Wait a few weeks to see if the weeds are dying.  If they are not showing signs of dying (i.e. turning yellow/brown, shriveling up) then reapply.

Q.  I want to renovate my garden and install a new flowerbed.  How can I do this and be able to plant in the same season?
A.  Using a non-selective systemic herbicide will kill everything it is applied to yet will allow you to plant in one week.

Q. Weeds keep coming up through the cracks in my driveway and sidewalk. What can I use to kill the weeds that won’t harm or stain my driveway or sidewalk?
A.  Using certain non-selective herbicides that will give you the results you are looking for.


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