Potting Soil, Plants, Water Plants & More

Ferti-Lome products are developed by a dedicated group of gardeners whose mission is to make a difference in how we treat the earth. Ferti-Lome organic products are produced in small batches to ensure consistency. Ferti-Lome also uses superior quality bulk ingredients, producing a wide variety of all major and micronutrients.

All-Purpose soil spikes are easy to use. They require no mixing or measuring. Use them to promote rich soil and naturally feed your plants. We have all the accessories you need as well: planter tools, miniature trellises, plant stands and holders.

We also offer organic potting soil.
Ferti-lome Ultimate Soil    planting hands

At Stoughton Garden Center, our goal is that you enjoy your water garden and find it easy to maintain. Creating the perfect water garden is easy – if you have the right water gardening products and the right guidance to get your water garden started, and keep it healthy all season long.

Aquatic plants are a must-have for any water garden. A balance of the correct water plants in the appropriate proportions is all you need. Once a healthy pond ecosystem has been established, you can let nature take care of the maintenance for you! No chemicals or biological filters are necessary.
pond with water plants

Nothing teaches patience and anticipation better than planting a seed. Sowing seeds in the ground is a simple way to get flowers and vegetables growing in the spring. To get a jump on the season, start your seeds indoors. Stoughton Garden Center has all the supplies you need to get your seed off to a good start. We have containers, soil, fertilizers and top quality flower and vegetable seeds.
planting seeds
Vegetable gardens are making a comeback as people desire healthy, flavorful home grown produce. Grow your own and know that it is safe and wholesome. You can grow a few vegetables in pots on your patio or fill up a large backyard plot. It is so rewarding to taste the goodness of vegetables and fruits that you grew yourself. Spring is the perfect time to think veggies. There are several vegetables that can be started as soon as the soil is workable in the spring. A few examples of cold crops are broccoli, collards, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, peas, and spinach.

Stoughton Garden Center has a large selection of vegetables available for whatever you crave.
tomato lettuce peppers carrots

hanging basket of flowers
Nothing adds color to the drab corners of your outdoor spaces like the brilliant, suspended blossoms of hanging baskets. They offer vertical appeal to corners or posts. Our hanging baskets are available in a vast selection of colors and varieties that are sure to impress. Our combination hangers are a carefully chosen mixture that balance color, texture and height. We grow them in a variety of sizes of moss, fiber and plastic hangers.

In order to produce high-quality premium annuals , we grow our baskets in hanging pots to allow for added air circulation which promotes a healthier root system in each plant.

Container gardening is the hottest trend and probably the most fun! Containers are a wonderful addition to any garden. Whether they are placed on your patio or deck, at your front door or out in the garden in a planting bed, they add interest by introducing another texture, color and planting level.

For the best impact and a better result for plant growth, don’t use any containers that are less than 18” in diameter and height. Don’t feel you can’t mix and match the larger containers. If you are trying to blend pots near your house, find complimentary colors and patterns and don’t try to match the house color. The color and texture of the plant material can also determine which pot color is best, and vice versa!

If baskets and planters are placed in the proper location, watered and fed as needed, they will bloom continuously until a heavy frost.