Seasonal Garden Supplies

Stoughton Garden Center has all the garden supplies, products and tools you’ll need to create your outdoor wonderland. We have a fantastic selection of plants, bushes and trees, pots and containers, garden decor, trellises, decorative rocks, bark and mulches and a complete line of grilling supplies.

Stoughton Garden Center has been serving the Stoughton community for over 100 years and also offers complete landscape planning and installation services. Stop by our center for all your gardening needs.

Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

The history of wind chimes dates back to prehistoric times. In fact, before weather forecasting, weather-wise farmers, sailors and loggers would hear the general direction of the wind that might alert certain weather conditions. Today, wind chimes are used as decorations to produce interesting background sounds in our homes and gardens. Corinthian Bells windchimes combine a rich, hand tuned harmony and a contemporary design. They’re constructed with durable, weather-resistant materials that make them a valuable addition to your home long after you open the box.

Weatherland Chimes are made of weather-resistant materials for year-round enjoyment. Anodized or powder coated aluminum tubes and a polyester cord guarantee that Weatherland Chimes will remain attractive throughout the years. Weatherland Chimes are also available in Oak or Walnut finishes. The wood components are varnished with an exterior satin finish for a soft, natural look. The Oak components tend to have light coloring, while the Walnut components have rich, dark hues.