Ornamental Grasses For All Seasons

Looking for something that works well in all seasons, is easy to grow and doesn’t require a lot of special attention or fertilizers? If so, then ornamental grasses might be a good option for you. Smaller, mound-forming varieties work well as ground covers or attractive edgings, medium-sized varieties for perennial borders and larger varieties usually command enough space that would host a shrub or small tree.

Every garden and container can benefit from the addition of an ornamental grass or grass-like plant. Grasses add a different texture, color and motion when grouped with other plants.

Ornamental grasses are also wonderfully low maintenance. They need to be deep watered for the first year, and many become more drought-tolerant once established. This makes them great plants for water conservative landscapes. Most ornamental grasses will need to be divided every 3-4 years depending on the size of the clump.

Perennial Plants

Perennial plants are the backbone of every successful landscape and garden border. They are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and blooming seasons. Perennials grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then wither back every autumn and winter. They then return in the spring, bigger and better with every passing season. Typically, they grow from their root stock rather than seeding themselves as an annual plant does. We offer many perennials to choose from that offer lots of colors.

Here is a small list of our perennials:

  • Coneflower
  • Aster
  • Black Eye Susan
  • Shasta Daisy
  • Balloon Flower
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Catmint
  • Bee Balm
  • Columbine
  • Hosta
  • Bell Flower
  • Peony