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  Our family always comes to Stoughton Garden Center for the great products and the high level of service by a very knowledgeable staff.  
  ~Lynn M. - Stoughton WI  

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Hanging Baskets & Planters
Large Nursery & Greenhouses

Hanging Flowers
Nothing adds color to the drab corners of your outdoor spaces like the brilliant, suspended blossoms of hanging baskets. They offer vertical appeal to corners or posts.

Our hanging baskets are available in a vast selection of colors and varieties that are sure to impress. Our combination hangers are a carefully chosen mixture that balance color, texture and height. We grow them in a variey of sizes of moss, fiber and plastic hangers.

In order to produce high-quality premium annuals , we grow our baskets in hanging pots to allow for added air circulation which promotes a healthier root system in each plant.

Container gardening is the hottest trend and probably the most fun! Containers are a wonderful addition to any garden. Whether they are placed on your patio or deck, at your front door or out in the garden in a planting bed, they add interest by introducing another texture, color and planting level.

For the best impact and a better result for plant growth, don’t use any containers that are less than 18” in diameter and height. Don’t feel you can’t mix and match the larger containers.  If you are trying to blend pots near your house, find complimentary colors and patterns and don’t try to match the house color.   The color and texture of the plant material can also determine which pot color is best, and vice versa!

If baskets and planters are placed in the proper location, watered and fed as needed, they will bloom continuously until a heavy frost.
Potted Plants and Flowers


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