House Plants & Cactuses

Having a garden indoors is easy when you visit Stoughton Garden Center. Choose from a large selection of flowering and foliage plants to suit every situation in your home. Whether you are in search of a large indoor showpiece for your foyer, a small accent plant for your bathroom, a simple thank you present, or a plant to brighten your life Stoughton Garden Center’s knowledgeable staff will help you find that the perfect plant.

We offer an excellent selection of cacti and succulents year round, from large specimens to tiny starter pots for creating your own dish gardens.

House Plants & Cactuses
House Plants

House Plants Help Our Lives

House plants can play an integral role in improving the very essence of our lives — the air we breathe. Research has shown that house plants are an antidote to many of the unhealthy household substances that contribute to poor indoor air quality and lead to illness. Two or three plants in 8-inch or 10-inch pots for every 100 square feet will help clean up the air in your breathing zone. Double that, and your indoor environment will become healthier in less time — just one week.

Stop in today and make your home a cleaner place to live.

Fairy Gardening® Kits

Fairy Gardening® Kits are beautifully packaged and make the perfect present for anyone from you to your children, parents, grandparents and friends. The kits are a truly unique gift item that will thrill anyone from age 4 to age 104. Fairy Gardening, Inc. has created a Fairy Gardening® kit and many would-be gardeners find it is easiest to start their first garden this way. The kit includes everything you need to create a beautiful dwelling for fairies and plants including:

  • Box for planting
  • A lid that becomes a saucer
  • Soil
  • Arbor with bench
  • Birdbath
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Tiny pebbles to form a path
  • Fairy Dust
  • Design, planting and care instructions

Stoughton Garden Center has all the supplies you need for creating beautiful and healthy house plants such as planters, potting soil and fertilizers.

Fairy Gardening® Kits