Bird Feeders & Bird Food

When feeding the birds it is best to provide food all year long. Especially important is February through August, when natural grasses and fruit bearing trees are not mature and birds are nesting and producing young. During the winter months, it is often difficult for birds and wildlife to find adequate food sources.

Once you start providing food for wild birds, make sure to keep your feeders full all the time. Birds will constantly return to feeders.

Stoughton Garden Center has a very large selection of bird feeders for every type of bird from cardinals to hummingbirds. So the next time you are in search of bird feeders, let the professionals at Stoughton Garden Center assist you.

Bird Feeders, Bird Baths & Bird Food
Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Our bird baths are the perfect addition to any setting. Stoughton Garden Center has a large variety of bird baths including the one pictured to the left. Add beauty and style to your outdoor patio, back yard, or garden. The bowl in the photo is made of rust free cast aluminum and the base is constructed of durable cast iron.

Product Features:

  •  Bird figure on the basin edge invites fellow birds to bathe
  •  Cast-aluminum bowl and cast-iron base for durability
  •  Hardened powder-coat finish in antique bronze
  •  Some assembly required